Shared Governance and Committees

鶹ýAV, its President, and its Board of Governors are committed to shared governance. Shared governance was established to foster constructive and collaborative thought and actions within the institutional structure in service of the University’s mission. Shared governance is a systematized structure of transparent decision-making that reflects shared interests and shared responsibility of all constituency groups listed on this page. It promotes transparency, accountability, inclusivity, collaboration, collegiality, and interdependence among all constituency groups. Shared governance relies on an atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect and trust that can foster honest communication and consideration in decision-making. Following are the key principles to shared governance at 鶹ýAV:

  1. The shared governance system is designed to ensure that campus decisions are informed by our numerous stakeholders including faculty, staff, students, administrators and, as appropriate, alumni and the general public.
  2. The shared governance system must be structured to facilitate a timely flow of information and to make timely recommendations.
  3. The shared governance system must strengthen the roles and scopes of the Faculty Senate and Staff Council.
  4. The shared governance system must provide for accountability at each level for the recommendation and decision-making process.
  5. Each shared governance entity and standing committee will have its own set of bylaws and operating procedures, which are approved by the President.
  6. Administrators will not serve as voting members of shared governance or other committees, except for a few specially focused committees.
  7. Administrative liaisons will be assigned to each of the shared governance and standing committees.
  8. Task forces will be used to help address specific campus issues, but will not be used in place of standing committees and will submit their recommendations through the shared governance system as appropriate.
  9. All shared governance and standing committees will regularly share minutes with the campus community to facilitate communication and decrease the need for duplication of effort.
  10. All committees will be open, unless the committee is dealing with privileged information regarding employment, personnel development, and/or specific student academic issues.

Organizational Charts

Shared Governance Committees

Academic Policy Committee
Board of Governors
Curriculum Committee
Faculty Development Committee
Faculty Senate
Online Committee
Staff Council
Student Government Association
University Leadership Council