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Graduate Studies

The Department of Graduate Studies is critical to serving the needs of central West Virginia. Graduate studies at 鶹ýAV are designed to give students advanced knowledge in a special field of study, higher levels of professional competence, an understanding of and respect for scholarly research and a sophisticated knowledge of the techniques of continuous, lifelong intellectual growth. These goals are achieved through specialized programs of study, investigation and professionally mentored practical experiences that are carefully planned by each individual student in consultation with his or her graduate faculty advisor.

鶹ýAV, a comprehensive, open enrollment institution, offers a quality education in a supportive learning environment that fosters individual growth, professional and career development, lifelong learning, global understanding, and a commitment to excellence in academic and community pursuits. In keeping with its tradition of academic excellence, the College promotes graduate education by offering select graduate programs.

鶹ýAV is closely identified with its community. Partnership with business and industry, public schools, government agencies and other organizations contribute to the economic, cultural, and social development of the region and enrich our programs and the experience of our students.

The Department of Graduate Studies supports the mission and goals of 鶹ýAV through graduate education. Based on experiential learning and interdisciplinary study, 鶹ýAV offers select yet comprehensive high-quality graduate programs. These programs strive to foster core competencies, cutting-edge technologies, and critical thinking. Committed and competent faculty prepare eager and reflective individuals for life and work in an increasingly complex, diverse, and global society. 鶹ýAV graduate students receive personal attention as they work closely with faculty in small classes. Graduate programs at 鶹ýAV are responsive to the needs of the external community and in turn provide the most innovative and highest caliber education in the region.

A student undertakes graduate study in order to gain a deeper knowledge in a particular academic discipline and to become able to demonstrate to the faculty and practitioners in the field the attained mastery of knowledge. Consequently, graduate study cannot be defined primarily in terms of semester hours of coursework beyond the baccalaureate, even though minimum coursework requirements are commonly specified for graduate degrees. Minimum requirements set the lower limit for an integrated plan of study.

Graduate students are expected to become participating members of the institutional community and are encouraged to attend lectures presented by visiting scholars, to listen to academic discussions of their faculty, and to study with their fellow graduate students.

For more information about the Department of Graduate Studies, its programs, faculty, and organizations, contact Dr. Gerda Kumpiene via email or by phone at (304) 462-6211.