Regents Bachelor of Arts

The Regents Bachelor of Arts Degree Program is a non-traditional program established by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission. It is offered and sponsored by West Virginia public colleges and universities offering baccalaureate degrees. 鶹ýAV has procedures and guidelines intended for their students that meet those requirements while conforming to those established by the Policy Commission.

The RBA is not intended for all individuals. Each potential student must determine if this program will yield the desired results relative to assisting and achieving goals and objectives. The RBA is a flexible general studies degree program that may lack the traditional major and minor academic areas. A student may earn several hours in a specific academic area but this does not constitute a major.

A student in the RBA program is unique because of academic background, life experiences, educational ambitions, career goals and life objectives. Students are directed with consideration to this uniqueness, and each student's program tends to be different from other students.

Prospective students should review the 鶹ýAV Catalog and be knowledgeable of the policies, programs, and procedures that apply to all students at Glenville State.

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Director of Regents Bachelor of Arts Program
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